Embodying Anti-Racism: Somatic Inquiry, Practice & Action
Embodying Anti-Racism: Somatic Inquiry, Practice & Action

** Due to an unexpected health matter, this course is being postponed. We will update once we know more. Thank you for your interest. **


Thank you for your interest in our course. If you have any questions after reading what is presented here, please contact Tom at tom@sacreddiscourse.com.


Join us for a free webinar exploring how we can embody anti-racism in the midst of this historic moment. We'll explore two somatic practices that will help us unwind internalized white supremacy -- this webinar as well as the course is for white-identified people. 

This free webinar is to give you a taste of what we will be covering in this six-week course. You can register for the free webinar by clicking here.



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OUR INVITATION -- To White-Identified People Who Want to Go Deeper with Anti-Racism

Racism doesn’t just live in the mind, it lives in the body. Despite our best intentions, those of us who are racialized as white carry embodied trauma passed down through generations that inclines us toward behaviors that maintain racism (whether actively or through habits of silence and complicity). 

Actively addressing the legacy of this historical, embodied trauma is one of the best ways to stop perpetuating racism, and connect our good intentions with truly beneficial impact. This can also be liberating, for our souls and our society.

In this course, we will work together to create a safe and brave space to explore our white conditioning together through brief presentations, small group breakouts, engaging in somatic practices, and interactive group exercises. We intend this course to be eye-opening and enlivening, challenging and compassionate, empowering and liberating. 


- Understand how racialized trauma lives in our bodies and expresses itself as white supremacy.

- Learn ways of healing this trauma and dismantling white supremacy in our own body and nervous system

- Develop ongoing somatic practices that help you stay centered in challenging moments

- Clarify your anti-racist declaration to sustain you in this work 

- Identify key anti-racist action commitments


Week 1: Creating Our Community, Introduction to Somatic Anti-Racism

Week 2: White Body Trauma, Racism and The Potential for Healing

Week 3: How White Supremacy Shows Up In Our Bodies

Week 4: Exploring Ways of Embodying Anti-Racism

Week 5: Beginning to Heal White Body Trauma

Week 6: Developing Sustainable Practices and Action Commitments


Six Tuesdays -- February 2, 9, 16, 23; March 2, 9

4:00-6:00 pm Pacific / 5:00-7:00 pm Mountain / 6:00-8:00 pm Central / 7:00-9:00 pm Eastern


- Six zoom sessions of two hours each (recorded for future viewing, excluding breakout groups and as requested by participants.)

- Recommended activities and practices each week to deepen the learning

- Optional practice partners for peer learning and support 

- Safe online community forum for your questions and learning moderated by Lisa and Tom


One of the benefits of the course is learning with and from others. An important aspect of the course is showing up for all participants, in addition to yourself. To create a deep collective learning experience, we request that you:

- Attend at least five of the six sessions

- Watch the recording if you miss a session (each session builds on the last)

- Set aside approximately two hours outside the sessions for personal practices, partner practice, and participation on the online platform



We don’t want finances to stand in the way of your participation. If you are committed to this work and need to arrange a reduced fee, please contact Tom at tom@sacreddiscourse.com.


Lisa Ferguson, Ph.D., is currently integrating deep psychospiritual transformation with committed justice work, while engaging in the ongoing work of dismantling internalized white supremacy. Lisa's background is in transpersonal psychology, and brings decades of experience in somatic and spiritual practice to the work of anti-racism. Lisa is also the founder of Climate Compassion, which holds community events and encourages compassionate action for climate and social justice.

Tom McSteen, J.D., the  founder of Sacred Discourse, which promotes a framework for intentional and relational conversations across conflict and difference. He is also a somatic coach at stillpondcoaching.com, where he supports clients in choosing to live an embodied life. He is committed to his personal learning journey to dismantle systemic racism and create societal structures that are based on respect, compassion and love for all, which includes supporting others on their journey to be anti-racist.